Photograph by Kerem Yücel

Uncovering the open secret of child labour

Today, in Turkey’s farmlands, industrial zones, cafes, workshops and streets, Syrian refugee children have joined the thousands of minors forced to work to survive. My normal workday involves researching child labour, both at my desk and on the ground, but I still occasionally find myself caught off guard by the stark reality of the issue. […]

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Syrian boy of ambiguous sexuality

‘Syrian boy of ambiguous sexuality’ I met Mahmoud through my uncle my uncle found Mahmoud on the internet Gaydar or Grinder somewhere like that Mahmoud joined us for dinner there was a terrace a 360 view of old istanbul I remember the soft underbellies of seagulls singed orange by city lights and I remember the […]

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Photograph by Şener Yılmaz Aslan/MOKU

Silhouette of a refugee woman: a conversation with Meryem

All Syrian refugees have a unique story, but they share the same patterns of injustice and exploitation. In the case of women, such experiences are multilayered. On one occasion, Meryem explains, “my knee was hurting so I went to the doctor, who asked for my telephone number and added with a sleazy smile that he would like to care for me intimately.”

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The Marimacho: instruments do not know of borders

Later it moved to Asia, but was not pleased, so it returned back to Europe. It sat in an ancient neighbourhood called Topkapi, where it listened to the call to prayer five times a day, its first music lessons in Turkey. Untouched, a virgin, it waited patiently, it waited for Mar and Ferhad.

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