Those that manage to exist with the ease of a happy ripe mango.

She came back from Guinea-Bissau

She is strong; you can see her sturdy bones protruding from her body. The shape of her skeleton is easy to make out. This makes me chuckle because as students, we would sit on grass across from each other and write the latin names of various parts of our skeleton on pieces of paper. When […]

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Growing out

I don’t know what subconscious confidence lodges itself inside you, when you observe your mother comb the hair of your father with her fingers. I don’t know what that feels like. I don’t know what it feels like to watch your father gently hold your mother’s arm. I don’t know how one feels upon seeing […]

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This one is for the unconsoled

It is for the migrant, the womb-less, the borderless, the refugee… It is for the relentless, the transient, willing or unwilling. It is for you; the hustlers of belonging, feeling the land beneath you moving contrary to your body or perhaps your better judgement.

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